Bella Y – she’s waiting

Bella Y – she’s waiting

Accounts that the vagina is capable of producing orgasms continue to be subject to debate because, in addition to the vagina’s low concentration of nerve endings, reports of the G-spot’s location are inconsistent—it appears to be nonexistent in some women and may be an extension of another structure, such as the Skene’s gland or the clitoris, which is a part of the Skene’s gland. In a January 2012 The Journal of Sexual Medicine review examining years of research into the existence of the G-spot, scholars stated that “Reports in the public media would lead one to believe the G-spot is a well-characterized entity capable of providing extreme sexual stimulation, yet this is far from the truth”.
According to Yonitale Study, our models reported that they do have a highly sensitive zone in the upper wall of their vagina (where G-spot is supposed to be).




To see more go to Yonitale.

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  1. Kiki - April 14, 2018

    And we think this G spot is part of the clitoral complex (Y)


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