Eileen Sue – say “hello!”

Eileen Sue – say “hello!”

She’s a strong woman. Sue (that’s how I call her) really loves to make love. She’s full of fire, energy and passion. And we’re happy that she decided to show it on our project. Sue is a nice girl. She’s open hearted and “open legs”. I love to go deep inside her beautiful blue eyes. And to go even deeper into something else… You know what I mean ;)



If you want to discover more of Eileen Sue go to Yonitale.

I would like to spread my ethos that nudity and sex are fun and pleasure. Here I’d like to play with you, to tease you, to open your mind and let you discover and realise your fantasies. And if you want to see more of this girl leave your comments.

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  1. Terry Maze - June 6, 2015

    It’s really been awhile since I wrote on your beautiful blog dear Kiki :-D but tonight I’m literally in the middle of a true inspiration breeze thanks to all the amazing updates on Yonitale and all the amazing, natal and intense beauties you always feature on your amazing blog. Sindy is absolutely one the girls from Yonitale that most embodies the term “Divine Beauty and Perfection” <3 These pictures are just amazing and hot and they really show us all the incredible beauty that Sindy is made of from her perfect skin, wonderful deep eyes and smile till in the very depths of her shining and infinite soul and heart. Only you Kiki (and Yonitale) have this amazing talent of showing us how perfection is made: it's infinite as every single girl has her own way to be perfect and incredibly beautiful. I can't wait to see Sindy again in a Yonitale Massage Video and personally I hope hat will be a very wet massage, with a lot of oil ;-) and of course the very skilled hands of the Mystery Guy giving Sindy so much pleasure that she'll start to shine as all her passion flows out and explodes! I also have to confess that I had an amazing dream with Sindy and another beautiful girl from your incredible hot world of Art: Eileen Sue ;-) I always keep note of my amazing dream and fantasies as I hope that someday they could take life and believe me, this one with Sindy and Eileen is extremely intense, very very naughty and dirty and incredibly wet and slippery as always :-D A big hug for you Kiki and as always congratulations for your amazing talent and beautiful amazing art. Thank you Kiki, you are as talented as beautiful and it's hard to say just with words how much it's huge is this measure ;-) You deserve a true poet and artist as you are, thank you :-D

    Ok I really couldn't resist on writing also here about this incredibly hot and unique girl with one of the most intense and particular beauties I've ever saw in my whole life: Eileen <3 I juts watched the first part of her massage video and she is simply stunning! Amazing eyes that shines and burn like two stars in a summer sky, a flaming smile full of passion and true love. An amazing, perfect slim and firm body that is a true masterpiece created by Mother Nature, even more perfect than a sculpture or a painting! Eileen isn't from this world, she is incredibly beautiful and the more I watch her the more I feel like watching a so intense explosion of beauty that my brain is sighting to understand if she is real or not, luckily my heart knows the answer ;-)
    I really can't wait to see much more her very soon and personally I have two fantasies with her: one with Sindy and another one with my beloved and incredibly beautiful and amazing Silvie Luca :-D I won't spoil anything but both fantasies includes some incredibly intense moments, lot of very very wild and dirty things happening :-P and a really lot of wetness (oil, water and other hotter juices) all over the girls amazing perfect bodies!
    What I can say? Thank you Kiki for inspiring me and all the world so much :-D you truly have a fantastic talent in singing this wonderful and perfect explosion of beauty that is the truest and purest essence of life: women ;-) And you dear Kiki truly are the Muse of Muses, the most talented artist and creative soul inspiring and inspired by true perfection <3 Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us, thank you Kiki ;-)

  2. Robert Zagorac - August 9, 2015

    It’s always easy to say Hi to Eileen Sue. She’s close to my pleasure scale number (typically 1.75). I wish for more from her in the future on Yonitale.com.


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