Lorena Y – sweet blonde

Lorena Y – sweet blonde

Orgasm Facts:

In the 1967 book The Naked Ape, Desmond Morris argued that the female orgasm might have developed to make males prove that they had determination, gentleness, tenderness and all the other qualities required to bring one about: all good factors in a good father for one’s children.




I would like to spread my ethos that nudity and sex are fun and pleasure. Here I’d like to play with you, to tease you, to open your mind and let you discover and realise your fantasies. And if you want to see more of this girl leave your comments.

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  1. Kiki - September 14, 2017

    Yonitale is about STUDYING female orgasm and EDUCATION on “how to pleasure her”.

    With our Yonitale studies, we give our models PROVEN ORGASMS (using the free App orgasmscale).

    Our mission is to make our researches usefull for YOU, my dear Friends! So, feel free to ask your questions in the comments sections or on kiki@yonitale.com. We will always give our best advices based on our experience (Y)

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