Here she is! She is our muse, our sunshine and big smile in the morning at breakfast time. She’s angelic outside but she is full of passion and fire inside. You should just open , the shutters  to knock on her doors. Yes, like this: 

Knock, knock!
—Who is it?
—A stranger.
Oh! But I don’t talk to strangers.
—But I’m good one. I will take care of you.
Do you promise?
I promise.

Yes…And then she will open the doors and welcome you to her fire. It’s going to be hot.

My beautiful Vanessa, thank you for welcoming us to your amazing fire that burns so hot. Thank you for warming us. Thank you.



P.S. Vanessa had her first fingers inside with us. Do you want to see? Go here  and to OWC.


I would like to spread my ethos that nudity and sex are fun and pleasure. Here I’d like to play with you, to tease you, to open your mind and let you discover and realise your fantasies. And if you want to see more of this girl leave your comments.

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  1. Greg - February 17, 2015

    I would very much like to see more of her.

  2. Henry Bachteler - May 12, 2015

    Dear Vanessa, Many years ago when I was in school we would tell a really silly tasteless joke. Seeing you in your skirt reminds me of it. So, will you please forgive and indulge me by reading, what I admit is actually a rather childish and immature joke? Well here goes. Me: Would you like to come to my party? You: Sure that would be great. Me: Just one thing you must know, it is dress up! ( I say this last bit while raising your skirt as I as I am able to.)
    Let me say here that I would not do this to you unless of course you had no panties on and you enjoyed being flashed in such a fashion.
    Seriously, all kidding aside, I love your beautiful wavy hair, your pouting lips, and what appear to be hazel eyes. You look extremely smart and clever. I can imagine you being willing to play the part of my nasty girl. Who adores being beautiful, sexual, erotic, and demands satisfaction guaranteed for both of us.


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